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October 12, 2003
New Comics
For October 15, 2003

Dark Horse
Blade Of The Immortal Path Of
    Shadows One Shot #83
Cannon God Exaxxion #18
Hell #3
Hellboy Weird Tales #5
Lone Wolf 2100 #10

DC Comics
Aquaman #11
Batman Adventures #7
Batman Gotham Knights #46
Batman Terror Tp
Gotham Central #12
Green Arrow #31
Hellblazer Rake At The Gates Of
    Hell Tp
Human Target #3
JSA #53
Kamikaze #1
Life Eaters Hc
Lucifer #43
Nightwing #86
Powerpuff Girls #43
Robin #119
Sandman Presents Taller
    Tales Tp
Smax #3
Superman Metropolis #9
Teen Titans #4
Thundercats Hammerhands
    Revenge #1
Tom Strongs Terrific Tales #8

Genesis The Art Of
    Transformers Hc
Hedge Knight Collected Edition
Kore #5
Street Fighter Campbell Cvr #2
Street Fighter Tsang Cvr #2
Street Fighter Warren Cvr #2

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 Unintended Consequences Tp
Art Of Marvel Comics Vol 1 Hc
Avengers #71
Captain Marvel #15
Daredevil #53
Exiles #36
Hulk Gray #1
Incredible Hulk Vol 5 Hide In
    Plain Sight Tp
Mystique #7
New X-Men #148
Thor #70
Ultimate Spider-Man #48
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 7 Irresponsible Tp
Venom #6
Weapon X #14
Wolverine #6
X-Treme X-Men #32

Other Publishers
Alice 19th Vol 1 Gn Lotis Master
All New Tenchi Muyo Vol 3 Tp
    Dark Washu
Archie And Friends #76
Astronauts In Trouble Hc
Basara Vol 2 Tp
Bastard Vol 1 Tp 2nd Ed
Battle Angel Alita Last Order
    Vol 2 Tp
Betty #131
Betty & Veronica Double
    Digest #119
Boneyard #12
Ceres Celestial Legend Vol 1 Aya
    Tp 2nd Ed
Ceres Celestial Legend Vol 5 Tp
CVO Covert Vampiric Operations
    Artifact #1
Dick Giordano Changing Comics
    One Day Tp
Dragonball Vol 13 Tp Shonen
    J Edition
First #35
Flowers And Bees Vol 1 Tp
Fushigi Yugi Vol 1 Tp 2nd Ed Priestess
Fushigi Yugi Vol 9 Tp Lover
Girl Genius #10
Hot Gimmick Vol 1 Tp
Megaman #2
Meridian #39
Mystic #40
Negation #23
One Piece Vol 2 Tp Buggy The
Please Save My Earth Vol 1 Tp
Punch And Judy Grand Guignol Gn
Ranma 1/2 Tp Vol 5 2nd Ed
Ranma 1/2 Vol 24 Tp
Red Star Vol 2 #3
Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol 1 Tp
    2nd Ed
Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol 4 Tp
    To Bud
Rurouni Kenshin Vol 1 Gn
Sigil #40
Simpsons Comics #87
Slayers Special Book 4
    Spellbound Gn
Sojourn #28
Solus #7
Tenchi Muyo Sasami Stories
    Vol 1 Tp
Three Strikes #5
Transformers GI Joe #2
Urotsukidoji Legend Of The
    Overfiend Book 6
Vampirella Halloween Horror Set
Wizard Anime Insider Dragonball
    Cover #10
Wizard Anime Insider Inu Yasha
    Cover #10
Yuyu Hakusho Vol 2 Tp Lonesome

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Without invitation from demon or ghost,
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hosts of children whisper before going to bed,
the legend of Peter Pumpkinhead.

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Daredevil #53
David Mack’s phenomenal story “Echoes” continues. After Maya confronts the Kingpin, she visits a place she went to with her father when she was little. It is the home of an old Native-American shaman, of whom she asks guidance. Maya follows the old man’s advice, and goes on a vision quest, seeking enlightenment from her animal spirit guide. The animal guide that shows up, however, is completely unexpected.

Exiles #36
The Exiles are in a reality where they witnessed scientist Reed Richards and his team transform into the Fantastic Four. But something’s gone horribly wrong with Ben Grimm, turning the Thing into a rampaging beast who’s intent on destroying New York City. It’s going to take the combined efforts of the Exiles, the FF and Stark Labs to reign Ben in; and the cost of doing so might prove to be much too high

Wolverine #6
Sometimes when a guy’s had a rough couple of days and he’s feeling low, what he needs most is a friendly bar, a mug or two of a cold brew and a good friend to listen. If that guy’s Logan and he’s just slaughtered a couple dozen bad guys in a berserk rage, he’s gonna need a lot of beer and a real understanding friend . . . someone like Nightcrawler.

Also worth watching for:
Aquaman #11, Gotham Central #12, Green Arrow #31, Human Target #3, JSA #53, Kamikaze #1, Life Eaters Hc, Lucifer #43, Smax #3, Superman Metropolis #9, Teen Titans #4, Avengers #71 (the one the Internet’s abuzz about,) Weapon X #14, Simpsons Comics #87

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